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5 Tips for choosing a memorable Domain Name

brand3A well-chosen domain name can make readers fall in love with your website.  However, picking the right domain name could be very challenging not only because it requires a lot of thought and consideration, but also because it’s hard to find a name that hasn’t been registered by someone else.

The hard part notwithstanding, you need to choose a domain name that perfectly fits your business or intended content, and is easy to remember and promote. The following tips will help you achieve that without much stress.

1. Favor the .COM extension

While there’s really nothing wrong with other extensions like .NET, .ORG or New gTLDs it’s better to stick with the .COM option. Except for the much fewer savvy people, most Internet users still make the automatic assumption that every website ends with a .COM extension. So, using the .COM extension can fetch you volumes of type-in visits.

If your most preferred domain name is not available as a .COM, try a different domain name with the same extension rather than settling for another extension. But if another extension seems more suitable for your type of website, you can favor that over .COM. For example, a website for a nonprofit would be better off with the .ORG extension.

2. Keep it as short as possible

Although it’s hard to find unregistered one-word and two-words domain names, try to keep your domain name as short as possible. Aside being easy to remember, short domain names are better for SEO purposes, because they allow for more characters in URLs displayed in search results. In addition, short domain names are easier to promote on social-media and print advertising.

3. Make it easy to remember

Your ideal domain name is a blend of simple words that people are familiar with and can easily remember. Avoid domain names that contain commonly misspelled words like millennium (which can be misspelled as milennium, or millenium). Choosing such names is a sure way to send your traffic elsewhere.

Also avoid domain names comprising words that are totally unfamiliar. A good example is, which is a combination of french words. While that example might make sense to a french-speaking audience, using it for a website targeted at english speakers is bad creativity.

4. Create an instant impression

A memorable domain name creates an instant impression when someone hears it for the first time. That is, it gives an idea of what the website is all about.

So, you’d be better off with a domain name coined from the benefit readers will get when they read your site (e.g., from your target audience (e.g., or from the main topic of your blog (e.g.

5. Avoid hyphens and numbers

Domain names containing hyphens and numbers are usually difficult to remember. Worse, they’re widely regarded as spammy and are less effective for SEO, traffic generation and branding.

In addition, numbers rendered as roman numerals within a domain name will sometimes be mistakenly spelled out in words, and those spelled out will sometimes be written as roman numerals. That’s serious confusion!

Choosing a domain name for your website is as important as choosing a name for your business. By adopting the tips in this post, you’d be able to choose a domain name that is not only memorable, but also interesting and brandable.